Of course I got it…

On Fridays we generally go North to Princeton for a class called Little Picasso, which allows Khai to paint and explore his own creativity. After that we hang out with Brooke and Truman for lunch.

This Friday, though, Khai didn’t wake up until nearly 9 o’clock, and I was glad to feel that his fever had broken in the night. Of course, though there was a down side.

Suddenly I was feeling like crap.

I have not really been sick since Khai has been up and around running all over the place. It really is much harder than I anticipated. Doing anything is more difficult when you are sick, let alone caring for another person. It’s even harder when Dean works 7am to 7pm six days a week.


A rainy day

Today was a hard day, sort of.

Khai woke up around 7:30 and was very warm to the touch. I had noticed it through the night, but sometimes he just gets really warm when he sleeps. After running out for a thermometer and some Motrin, I took his temp (which he hated) and it was 101.9. Yikes. I was really shocked to see it that high. So I gave him the motrin and immediately he got cooler.

I should also mention that he was a happy little clam through all of this. He was always in good spirits, which made me wonder if he was actually sick or just fighting off something (or teething!).

We were supposed to have a date with Brooke today, but I think we were both worried about she and her son getting sick. In the long run we all hung around the house (Khai’s temperature went down to 98.9) and played, and even had scrumptious birthday cake. We did the best we could to keep the kids from licking each other and enjoyed a wonderful Vitamin C rich salad with Beet greens. I was surprised at how yummy it was.

After Brooke left I tried getting Khai to sleep, but he wasn’t really into it unless I was under him. That worked for a while, but the dishes upstairs with making me neurotic, so eventually I did slip out from under him and come up to clean.

So now I’m here, on the computer, of magnet of technology. But I feel like writing. I feel really drained. I’m surprised by how often I feel this way now. I didn’t expect it to be a cake walk to take care of a young child and be pregnant, but I had forgotten how much energy it really takes to grow a child.

Some days I feel like I could sleep all day, just getting up to eat. Others I want to run around all day and get everything accomplished.

The rain today has made it so much easier to get drained, I think. And it makes me not want to cook at all. I suspect we will order pizza shortly and enjoy a hedonistic meal delivered to our door. Yum.

1st Midwife Appointment

Today was our first midwife appointment with our new midwife. I was feeling dread about it at first – probably because I’m just more anxious in general while pregnant – but once we got there it was such a nice time.

We had yummy tea which hit the spot, and Khai had a little buddy to play with while the adults talked about the new babe. It was so nice to meet our midwife’s student, as well, she was so nice, and had just the right words for the feelings I was having. I needed that experience of loving and compassionate care.

So we did all the normal stuff. I don’t know how much I weigh now (anyone have a scale?) but I do know that my fundus is right where it should be, the baby is strong and healthy with a clear heartbeat via fetoscope.

I even had a finger poke to check my hemoglobin, which was really great at around 14! AND I didn’t pass out! Yay! I had forgotten how squirmy the thought of anything breaking my skin makes me.

It was so nice that Dean and I both got to hear the baby. It is making it more real for me, at least. Up until now this pregnancy has been in my mind, but first and foremost has been the child out here where he can fall down stairs, bonk his head and be hungry. Sometimes I forget that I really am pregnant, carrying a tiny little person.

These appointments are a nice reminder of that.

A new day

I will not feel bad about not having posted for…a while.

Life with a toddler has got me by the collar, and I’m running with it (literally, most days). But here I am, back writing again, for the benefit of the world! Or, maybe just for me, and for this new little baby that’s growing, growing, growing inside!

I’ve been such a slacker taking belly photos this time, but I’ll get better, I promise!

Road Trip – Day 1

Yesterday began the first day of Khai’s first road trip.


We started driving (in our rented Rav4 [the smallest car they had available, heh]) at about 1pm, and cot to Chicago around 7:30. Here’s the rough footage of our ‘takeoff’.

Baby Dean…a Khai impression.

This is Khai in the outfit Dean wore home from the hospital when HE was born. Wow.

I love BOTH my boys.

Cutest Tush In The World!!!

Here it is:

AND for those of you wondering about the marvelous little leggings he’s wearing…Check out my store!

My cubby bear:

My dear friend Brooke has a bear suit which I admired….Then at the shower I got one of my own!

Khai’s baby shower:

We had a lot of fun last week at a wonderful baby shower just for Khai. Here’s some of the highlights:

Raline and Denise Holding Khai
Raline and Denise Holding Khai
Yummy Cupcakes!
Yummy Cupcakes!
The Green Tongue Society

The Green Tongue Society

The Hostesses with Khai and I

The Hostesses with Khai and I

Deep in thought…even asleep

We watched part of his new Baby Motzart DVD today (thank you Linda!) and he got sleepy, so we took a nap.
Here’s what I found when I came back into the room:

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