Last day of CBE *sniffle*, Vikings, etc.

So our last night of Childbirth Ed was last night. I feel pretty confident we’re going to have a really easy, wonderful birth. Dean was so wonderful throughout the whole thing. He’s just such a sweetie. I’m going to miss the couples, because they were all SO nice. Lovely people. Anyway, we intend to have a reunion in June/July when we have ALL the babies. ^_^

Go Vikes! We’ve been totally rocking it. I hope we can continue to do so *knock wood*.

I’m going to Dean’s office X=mas party on Friday. I still think about how that started it all. We’ve been together for 3 years. That’s so amazing. And we’ve been married for 1.33333…. of those years. Surreal. More surreal is the thought that *I* have an amniotic sac. I do!

I’ve lost and gained back 5 pounds since I got pregnant, which I’m glad I gained back, because I was a little bit worried. What else, what else?

Umm…I’m getting fat! More-so I’m just getting the tell-tale pooch.. Farewell previously homed organs, you’re going on a vacation up north. To the thorax. Heh. I am such a huge nerd…Who lets me write things like this?


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