Feeling Lazy

Man, I am feeling SO lazy. I just don’t want to do anything.

Yesterday I became 4 months pregnant, yay! I also had a terrible migraine, boo!

I’m in between this fat and pregnant stage where no one knows, and no one wants to ask. I just want to look like the cute pregnant models with the nice round tummy (instead of two tummies separated by my belly button…) and the perky breasts.

So…yeah…no pics until I look stereotypical, you hear me?!

Baby is doing well, growing (I assume) and rolling around. We’ll get to hear how s/he’s doing with our third and final doppler use (yeah, I know I said I wouldn’t, but…). From then on we can use the fetoscope, which I am more than happy with (Plus using the stethoscope at home will be AWESOME).

Bleh. I move tomorrow. Call me so you can carry my shit instead of me.


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