17 weeks pregnant

So little babe is about half a pound by now. WOW! S/he is also  about 7 inches from head to butt – about the size of your hand. S/he can now hear what is going on in the outside world, and s/he did last night at Avenue Q. I swear s/he was dancing around at the bottom of my womb during the second act. I’ve been feeling the baby move a lot more, and have been for the last couple of weeks. It started out as little tickles on the right side, and has stayed tickles on the right, and moved to kicky-type pokes on the left side.

As for me, I’m starting to feel more pregnant. Bending is increasingly difficult, and my hips have been killing me…I called the midwife about it, and she suggested getting into a pool as well as massage. Mmmm massage. I’m going to call my family practice doctor and see if she can’t write me a referal for massage so that insurance will cover it. Such a tricksy hobbit I am.

Heh. I just had a Braxton-Hicks contraction (henceforth BH ctx) while I was typing that. Kinda cool. I could actually feel my uterus get hard. New experiences, ay?


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