3rd midwife appointment

Just got back from the MW. It was nice to see her again, and she offered us some delicious Chrysanthimum tea, which apparently came from Trader Joe’s…I’ll have to go get some. Anyway, all is well.

I gained another 5lb, which is just fine, and my uterus is right below my belly button now. Holy smokes! We used the doppler one last time after trying to find the baby’s heartbeat with the fetoscope for about 5 minutes. Next appointment we will for SURE be using the fetoscope. I was tempted to just not hear the heartbeat, but after falling, I wanted to make sure that everything was okay in there.

We talked for a while and figured out when Vanessa would be out of town, and I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that she’s got an aprentice who can come to the birth if she is indeed out of town (at this point it appears she’ll be out of town the week of my due date – but 1st time moms usually go late, so it’ll be fine). We also talked about my irrational fears, and she said that neither of them were a big deal at all.

It was also nice because one of the couples that we had CBE with is on the same schedule as we are, and came to see her at 10:30, so we got to have a quick ‘reunion’.


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  1. Brooke Said:

    That other couple (well half of it) is me =). I set up an account at that website you were telling me about it and saw you had a blog. We have one too, at http://www.spellboundbaby.blogspot.com.

    Isn’t it hard to tell if fears are rational or irrational?

    I’m glad baby Fingerholz is having fun dancing around. Mine has oddly found a place to wedge into for the last few days with his or her little butt under my ribs.

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