19 weeks – what’s going on in there?

Well, baby is getting bigger. And kickier. I look down and don’t see such a huge difference, but then I look in a mirror and barely recognize my body.

The baby is developing quadrants of the brain that allow it to recognize smells, tastes, sounds and sensations. Dean is probably going  to get out the Mozart and extra large headphones pretty soon.

We read “The Little Engine that Could” to the baby last night, though I think the baby was really warn out from all the Rock Band mommy was playing, so not a lot of movement. Next time I’m going to make Dean talk directly to my belly and see if that makes a difference.

I’m not sure why I’m so in a hurry for Dean to feel this little one wiggling around. I mean, I’ve been feeling it, and it’s been a sweet secret just having it to myself, but I want Dean to share in this experience and bond with his child.

In other news, we had Brooke and Joe over last night, and we had great fun. It’s cool how intellectual they are, and yet how funny. They instigated the Rock Band playing, which I had never done before (it’s a video game, mom) but MAN was it fun. And apparently I should have played the drums and not the clarinet. I also made a bunt cake, which turned out remarkably well, considering the less than functional kitchen… It’s so nice to have a pregnant friend while you’re pregnant. I can sort of pick her brain, but also, I hope, we can carry this relationship into our respective motherhoods and get our kids together.

Wow…We’re going to have kids….

I want an ice cream sundae.



  1. Brooke Said:

    I’m enjoying my new meta-existence on your blog. It’s like reading about myself in a history book — a down-to-earth, craving-cataloging type of text.

    It’s also fun to see what your baby stuff said this week. One of the emails I get was not very cheery. It basically said “I bet you’re getting really sick of being pregnant and anxious and have weird new symptoms…” Yeah, thanks for reminding me =)

    p.s. If you play more Rock Band, the baby will get used to it; ours seems to respond favorably.

  2. Megan Said:

    awesome… i definitely cant go any time soon, but hopefully within the nest year. Can you email me your address? I have some stuff to send you. 🙂

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