Winter Carnival Medallion Hunting…

So, Dean and I decided last night that $1200 in free groceries sounded like a good incentive to go tromping around in a snowy park at 10pm. So off we went to where we thought it might be, and spent, oh, I’d say about an hour before we realized we couldn’t see crap in the dark…But Dean stayed up until midnight to see the next clue, so now we have ANOTHER idea of where it is, which I will be researching this afternoon…

I will say that they baby loved being outside and feeling mamma climbing around. S/he was so active. There were even a couple of BIG kicks! Dean, of course, couldn’t feel a thing. 😦

So…wish us luck as we go trudging through the parks tomorrow (assuming someone else hasn’t found it yet!).


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  1. Kate Said:

    Good luck finding the medallion! And stay warm! It’s gonna be freezies again today.

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