20 weeks 23 years…

So today I am officially half way through my pregnancy with our little bun. It was a really good day that included reservations for 15 at the Egg and I in Saint Paul. Delicious.

It’s really amazing that time has flown by so fast. I really can’t believe it’s been 20 weeks. It feel like yesterday my boobs were getting sore, I was nauseous and thinking to myself: “Oh boy, this could be it!”

As some of you know, I place a lot of importance on dates. I was listening to NPR on the way home, and it’s Imbolc today, which I know on some level, but had forgotten about. Also known as Saint Brigid’s day, it’s the day that celebrates the return of the light in the world. So, basically I’m 20 weeks, or half way through, on the day when we celebrate the transition from dark to light, from (theoretically) winter to spring. I know that isn’t really true here in MN, but the symbolism wasn’t lost.

Dean finally felt the baby moving around last night. It was very sweet. His goofy smile when he felt his child moving around inside his wife was priceless. We also found my copy of Goodnight Moon from when I was a child. Awwww.

In other news, I’ m applying for a student midwifery position that I may or may not get, and I’m sure it isn’t paid. But…I’m qualified. I just don’t have the ability to commit for a year, as I’ll be giving birth in a few months. Doy. But, I figure, I’ll send it in anyway and let her know that I’m here, I’m interested, and if she wasn’t me, I’d be all over it like white on rice…

A pic for today will be posted later, since our home interweb is done. 😛


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