Wowie Zowie

Sitting here just after eating breakfast I felt the first of about a dozen BIG kicks. I put my hand down and could feel the baby moving through my jeans. I could actually even see my belly moving! This little one is getting so big, I just can’t believe it.

So, today is 20 weeks, and here’s what’s going on:

The baby is about 10 inches long from head to butt with a weight of about 10 oz. (2/3 of a pound!) They baby’s legs are finally proportionate to the rest of its body, or moreso at least, and the growth spurts are going to begin. More layers of skin are forming to get baby ready for the outside world, and swirls and whorls are starting to form on fingertips!

I feel a little unprepared because I don’t have any baby stuff, nor do I have any of my birth supplies ready. I feel like such a slacker. But I know I’m not. I mean, I’ve got 20 more weeks to go..but still…heh.


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  1. mom Said:

    Darling you will have what you need when you need it….
    Love mom

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