21 weeks pregnant, and What Dean has to say:

So today mark the real halfway point of the pregnancy, in my mind. 42 weeks is just about the maximum that this baby will be carried to (unless I’m weird and carry like a horse or something).

The baby’s systems are all now functional, and s/he is now swallowing amniotic fluid and digesting the sugars and water from the fluid, cool! S/he is about the size of a large banana from head to butt, and the legs are now about the same proportion they will be when this little one is born (goodness gracious!).

My uterus is about a half inch above my belly button, which means there is NO bending from the waist anymore…actually, what waist? I’m not peeing in the middle of the night anymore, which is AWESOME since it’s ASS cold in our house today, and I’m ravenously hungry all the time. I wish I wasn’t out of waffle mix *thumbs down!*…

We finally got our bedroom together, and it feel so good to have an adult space. For some reason I equate our maturity level to the functionality of our house. After all, real adults wouldn’t sleep on a mattress on the floor of their computer room, would they? Today is a honeydew day, as we will be getting a lot of those little house projects done, such as hanging art,  putting up my shelf, and setting up our DVD collection. It’s going to be so nice to have a real house.

It’s going to be even nicer when it’s not so cold, and when we have hot water, though. 🙂

Other than that, I can’t complain. I didn’t have to ask for help getting out of bed this morning (although I did get stuck UNDER the bed last night [don’t ask]) which was such a nice feeling. We might have Hannah and John over for waffle-dinner if they’re not doing anything, but we shall see. Yay for productivity.

And now, on to a new section, What Dean has to say:

It’s warm in our room and cold everywhere else, but I know the baby is warm. It’s time to do some work around the house today, and go help out Sarah’s parents. I felt the baby kick for the first time last week, for the first time, and I’ve been able to feel small kicks. I’m glad to see Sarah’s belly getting bigger. It means the baby is healthy and growing. Yeah, that’s it.

(Thanks Dean, for allowing me to make you say something. I love you!)


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  1. mom Said:

    Hello my honey:s
    You are making so much progress in making your house your home….thank you for your help today. Enjoy your new platform bed and keep everyone happy and healthy.
    Love mom

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