23 weeks pregnant – and where did 22 weeks go?

So, I got lazy last week, mostly because we (alright, it was Dean) forgot to take a picture for most of the week, and I felt like it would be cheating if we took a picture at 22w5d and labeled it 22weeks. I’m really rather sad about it, actually because 2 is my favorite numer, and what’s better than two 2s?

Anyway there’s some pretty big milestones this week – I think anyway. The baby has finally reached one pound! Wow! And right about a foot long (Doesn’t a hot dog sound good right now?). The baby is breathing in the womb (inhaling amniotic fluid) as practice, as well as swallowing it. That’s why s/he gets hiccups sometimes!

Interesting, but slightly creepy – If the baby was born this week (yes, it has begun) there is approximately 16% chance of survival. Next week that increases to 44%…hm.

The baby is still wrinkly and red because it’s growing skin faster than fat, but soon it’ll even out a bit, and s/he’ll start plumping up, just like mommy. 😛



  1. Brooke Said:

    I think the whole process of taking belly pictures, at least for me, is just training for the inevitable reality that I am going to miss taking some picture of this child that I really want (and probably even more pictures that I really want of subsequent children).

    The important thing is that you were present in the actual moments of being 22 weeks. A picture is only as important as the memory it represents.

  2. mom Said:

    Brooke has a nice way of looking at not having a photo record of you at this time. Love mom

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