24 weeks pregnant

Yes, there is a picture this week, but I haven’t uploaded it yet…My bad.

This week the baby weighs about a 1.5lb and will gain half a pound this week! Woah! The sites say that I should have gained about 20 pounds…Let’s just say that I’ve gained a little bit more than that… 😛

The baby has all five senses functional, and is expanding and exploring with them every day. Last night Dean clapped at the cat, and the baby jumped. The baby jumped again when I had Dean raspberry my belly. It was SO cute. And, the baby has eyelashes. Wow.

I think my belly button wants to pop out, but it’s having trouble getting past the very top part where I had it pierced. Very interesting…

It’s so overwhelming to think that there’s a little person inside me. I know that on an intellectual level, but…woah. I’m so excited, nervous, and even a bit frightened at the prospect of raising a child and teaching him or her everything I know (which isn’t much right now, with everything pouring out of my ears as we speak)…Oh little one. I love you 🙂

24 weeks


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