25 weeks, and my last trimester…

So…this is my last trimester. Wow. Time has really really flown. Our baby is getting bigger every day, and I can feel him or her wriggling around and making trouble. 🙂

The baby is sucking his or her thumb, and has been getting hiccups all over the place. S/he is also performing for anyone who will touch my belly. People have been asking me when I’m due more regularly, so I guess I finally look pregnant, ay?

I’ve also been ruminating on “when are you due” versus “when is your baby due”… In common practice they mean the same thing, but I actually prefer “when is your baby due”. Maybe because I perceive that it’s all up to the baby as to when s/he decides to be born. I embrace that.

Also, “giving birth” versus “birthing”. What does “giving birth” even mean? Grammatically it doesn’t even make any sense…

And, a special beach addition of 25 weeks:

25 weeks


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