Birth Stones and Signs

So, I finally got around to looking up the birthstone of this kiddo.

If it’s born in June, it’ll have an Moonstone, and if in July, it’ll get a Ruby.

And if the baby is born ‘early’ it’ll be a Gemini, if after it’s due date, then a Cancer. Very interesting:

Gemini are the smartest of the signs (Dean said he thought this babe would be a little genius), but they get bored easily, and crave stimulation. They also love adventures and rough play. It is said that Gemini master language easily.

Cancer, on the other hand, are sensitive, but can be very stubborn. They are good at getting what they want. They are also very nurturing and loving. Cancers are ruled by the Moon.

If things go the way I *think* they might, then we’ll have a little cusp baby. There’s a full moon June 18th, so we’ll see!


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