Wow…it’s just hit me.

I’m going to be having a baby. A real, live flesh-and-blood child that I’m going to share my life and my husband with. And it’s going to arrive in less than a year. WAY less than a year. As in…probably less than 14 weeks. It’s just too crazy to think about.


I am so excited. And I’ve been all nest-y, and clean-y. I just want everything to be perfect. That is, I want everything that I have control over to be perfect. I’m in labor for 43 hours, okay. that’s nothing I have control over, really. If the baby is breech, okay. I have a tiny bit of control, but if the baby won’t turn, then that’s okay. I just want my house and my life to be perfect for this new life. Is that so wrong?

I also started sewing for the Anime Detour convention (yes, I am THAT geeky), and I worked ALL day yesterday on my costume. Other than the fact that it doesn’t have a zipper, it’s done. I’ll post pics of it later in a special ‘nerd post’. I’m actually really pleased with how it turned out, and it’ll be WONDERFUL this summer as a little sun dress, both while I’m HUGE and PP. Dean’s costume is a kimono, which shouldn’t be hard to make AT ALL since it’s just a bunch of squares. It’s just not as much fun to make, you know?


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