28 weeks…97 days remain, and where is my camera cord?

So. This morning I realized that we had passed the 100 days remaining mark. Wow. In less than 100 days, Dean and I will be holding our brand new tiny baby in our arms. That’s so hard to imagine. I gave Dean a big hug this morning and just enjoyed that moment of us being the only ones in the universe. It’s going to be so different with a child. I just can’t wait to meet this little person, to get to know them. I hope he or she is just as excited to meet Mommy and Daddy.

Right now the baby’s brain is starting to get bumpy, as it has been smooth up until this point. That means that its brain is developing more and more every day. The baby’s eyes are open, and s/he can see experience light and dark as well as sensation.

We did take a picture, but I can’t find the USB cord for my camera, so they’ll be posted in good time…

I saw some old friends yesterday and the day before, which was really nice. I can’t believe how long it’s been. Actually, it’s since I told them I was pregnant, which was FOR EVER ago. It was really nice to have them in our home, especially since some of them had never been there before.

I spent a good deal of time getting ready for them, and then cleaning up afterwards this weekend, and I actually slept for about 13 hours of yesterday. My energy level has been way down, but I’ve been getting a lot more done, so perhaps it’s a trade off.

AND..here’s the Photo:

28 weeks


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