No, not the kind you think. For the first half of this pregnancy, I was kind of thinking that this would be a girl. But then, I had a really vivid dream that it would be a boy. Considering Dean’s genetics, I really wouldn’t be surprised… 😛

But, I was wandering through the baby section of Macy’s today, and looking at the tiny dresses, and feeling sad that this would not be a girl. Not that I even know that, but you know, that gut feeling? Anyway…I mused on that for a while and, true to form as a pregnant woman, went and got some ice cream. As I walked back to the car I noticed a store, “Limited 2”, and it was full of similarly tiny skirts and shirts, though these were meant for much older girls.

So…maybe it won’t be bad having a boy. Not having to deal with the tiny skirt/boobs hanging out drama would be nice.

Tonight Dean and I are going to go have the circumcision talk with the Rabbi at my temple. I’m interested to see what she has to say, especially in terms of what my alternatives are. I hope she’s willing to really talk about it. I’ll let ya’ll know.


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  1. womantowomancbe Said:

    Baby girl dresses *are* cute… but then, baby boy clothes are awfully cute too! I have two boys, and have had some of the most adorable clothes! Either way, it’s good.

    As far as circumcision goes, let me start out with my biases. I am Christian, not Jewish; I think that the Bible clearly shows that all practicing (male) Jews are to be circumcised. However, there is some evidence to suggest that the current way of circumcising (removing the entire foreskin) was not the way it was practiced during Biblical times, but was started sometime in the first few centuries A.D. to keep Jews from being able to hide their Jewishness. One woman on an email list I’m on said that her first son was circ’d in the common manner; but they were living in another area when her other son(s) were born, and their rabbi/mohel practiced the “California cut” (which I think but am not sure is simply cutting off the so-called “redundant” foreskin, as was possibly practiced in Abraham’s time) so that may be an acceptable option. You can check out my circumcision post on my blog ( for some links.


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