Oh massage! Or, why don’t you love me Mr. Sun?

So yesterday was a really lovely day, and I decided it was time to redeem the long awaited professional pregnancy massage that Dean had gotten me as a gift for Christmas. I drove out to Chaska, found the place (ooh, Aveda!) and had a WONDERFUL massage. It felt heavenly. Plus, there was no grapeseed oil in their mix, so I didn’t break out in hives (YAY!). She worked my back and hips in this way that felt sooo good. I’m going to make Dean try and recreate it. It even stopped the BH for most of the afternoon (well, I don’t know if that’s why, or just because…)

Anyway. On the drive back towards Dean’s office I got sort of lost and ended up seeing a sign for Lake Susan. I pulled into the park and spread a blanket out on the grass. Sitting there and reading was so lovely. And I realize it’s not going to be something I’ll be able to do as extensively with a small child. So….I sat out for about 3 hours. Then my leg hurt. I looked down….BRIGHT red.

Oh dear…

I forgot the cardinal rule…The sun treats preggies differently. So now I’m scorched in several locations. Owie. But at least I got LOTS of Vitamin D (sunlight metabolizes into Vit. D through your skin) which means the baby won’t have Rickets (heh).

And can you believe only about 8 more weeks? Ahhh! At least I have a vast majority of my birth supplies now (thank you Brooke!!!!!!).


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  1. Brooke Said:

    Yay, no rickets!

    I’m getting excited to meet little Fingerholz.

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