32 weeks pregnant

Baby is growing hair this week. Everyone I’ve talked to assures me that this kid is going to have thick, curly, blonde hair. We shall see. I’ll giggle if s/he comes out bald. But after all the heartburn I’ve had, there’s got to be SOME hair, right?

People are starting to get prediction-y on me lately. Up until this point the majority of people asked me what I thought the baby would be. Now they’re telling me. 😛

I feel good. Better than I have in a while, although I haven’t been sleeping well at all the last few nights. Well…to be fair, the fact that Dean broke the bed (again) so that there’s a cliff I have to try not to roll over doesn’t help. I think the baby is just stuffed really well into my pelvis, and it’s just getting harder to get comfortable.

And you know what? I’m 5-10 weeks from delivering a baby. I think I’m allowed to be a bit tired. So there. I realize I DO do a lot. Last week I was out and about every day. There wasn’t one day that I stayed at home and relaxed. That’s what today is for. I’m just going to enjoy the day. I’m going to cut out diapers, make my passover coffee cake (I just finished the last one, and they taste SOOOO good), finish baking my sugar cookies, and crochet my little heart out. Oh! And I’m going to finish my book.

It’s an odd realization that life is going to be totally different with the baby. I won’t be able to sit and read my book, or finish that last stitch before I get up to feed/diaper/hold my baby. I’m going to need to get it done when it needs to be done. I’m going to have to chill out on my ‘project OCD’ and live in the moment. If I don’t get that last round of crochet done until an hour later, that’s okay. If I can’t sew that’s last hem, I can always do it when the baby is napping. I need to prepare to enjoy each little facial expression, each little sound and movement.

I love you baby. I can’t wait to meet you.


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  1. mom Said:

    OHhhhhhhhhhhhh L’ll one

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