35 weeks pregnant, baby shower

Time is really speeding by now. In two weeks I could be going into labor and having a baby. Wow. It’s kind of amazing.

I’ve reached the cranky, complain-y stage of pregnancy. Honestly, I feel huge, I haven’t been sleeping well, and it hurts to sit on my butt because the baby is pushing my hips apart. Poor Dean. I stole pretty much all of his pillows last night, and he had to get up at 6 am to get to work on time (he’s working 8-6 now), so I hope he slept well, at least.

Yesterday was the Fingerholz family baby shower. It was really lovely. I don’t think I have ever been to a baby shower before, so it was a fun new experience. And I now have SO many prefolds and onesies! This baby is set for (the first few months of) life! We also received a carseat from my grandmother, and a papasan chair that rocks the baby from Dean’s parents. Dean’s mother had the brilliant idea to have people bring a book for the baby instead of a card, which was SO inspired. We got TONS of really cute books! I can’t wait to start reading them to this little one!


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  1. mom Said:

    The books were a terrific idea and you baby book library is growing so nicely. The gifts were wonderful. The baby is a lucky baby. Love mom

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