37 Weeks, Grand old Days!

Today I’m 37 weeks exactly. That means that I could have this baby any time. So what am I going to do to celebrate? I’m going to Grand old Days, folks!

And man am I hoping that there’s some disgustingly good fair food. Mini donuts, here I come.

Anyway. What else is new? We took wonderful, fun and artsy maternity photos with Brooke, who I highly recommend as a photographer for all occasions. Then we endured a little tiny hail storm, and went swimming (I went swimming not once, but twice!). Little babe Fingerholz is doing well inside. Lots of wiggles and pushes yesterday. I think s/he is figuring out how to wedge into my pelvis as expediently as possible.

I’ve been really craving hard on sweets and chicken. Specifically boneless wings smothered in Honey BBQ from Buffalo Wild Wings. I don’t know what makes it like crack, but GOD it’s good.

For those of you who want to hang out: Please call me! I feel the time window crunching in on me now, and I want to see you all one last time sans baby, right? Not that we can’t have an equally fun time WITH baby, but you know what I mean. Come over, hang out, let’s have a little adventure!

I’m feeling really good, and I AM still a normal person. Don’t assume, as some have, that because I’m ridiculously pregnant I can’t have a good time, or be active. It’s so good for me to be out and about, and walking is really good for my hips, even though I may complain a bit.

Thank you all for reading this and walking through this journey with me. I love you all, and can’t wait to start that grand adventure that is parenthood with all of you there, too!


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