Khai’s first days

I know I haven’t posted a birth story, but I will! I just wanted to share Khai’s first few days!

June 21
After Khai was born, we spent about two hours at home before I decided that I needed to have my perineum sutured. It just looked a bit TOO ‘meaty’, and I suspected a tear somewhere between 2nd and 3rd degree. Dean put in the carseat and we got moving (leaving at about 8). Dean’s parents and his brother (who was in for a wedding and leaving at 5am the next day) came TO the hospital to see Khai while I got sutured.

We got home about 12, and Khai slept through the night (WOW!)

June 22
All the family came over and saw Khai again, including my father and grandmother who hadn’t met him yet. My dad was so awed over him. It was really nice. Then everyone walked down to the pizza place down the block from our house (Dean drove Khai and I,   ) and we had pizza and ravioli, and I got my 1/2 glass of champagne.

Khai was having trouble getting a good latch, and we spent most of the night crying and getting frustrated about the lack of boobie. I felt so bad for the little guy. Dean was a trooper and changed every diaper.

June 23
Ug. Dean had to go into work today, and since we were having so much trouble latching, I figured we would go with and stop and Brooke’s to see if she could help. After listening to Dean’s boss tell him to have a nice paternity leave, but that he would have to be in phone and IM contact with work at all times, and that he would need to start working from home on his ‘vacation time’ that he was taking off in addition, we headed over to Brooke, and she got things moving for Khai’s boobie obsession.
I actually started crying because it felt so good to know that he was getting everything he needed.
Then we went home and Khai slept most of the rest of the day, only waking up to nurse or poop.
Some friends came over and met him, though the guy was too scared to even touch Khai.

June 24
First pediatrician’s appointment. We were 40 minutes late, but since we called on the way to tell them, they didn’t kill us. The main point of going was getting the PKU, which they were out of, but the ped we saw was my ped when I was little, so it was kind of nice. PLUS he and all the nurses were swo cool about having had him at home. They all thought it was marvelous.

I way overdid it walking through Rainbow to get some juice (it’s a big store) and my milk started to come in. I nursed Khai in the parking lot, which was pretty funny, and we went home for a quiet evening. He nursed a TON that night, although he gets a bit ‘sloppy’ at night, and doesn’t latch as effectively.

June 25
We stayed home for most of the day (I know, what am I thinking running around like this!) but my breasts were SO engorged, and I knew that my parents had a shower with a hand sprayer – I had to put hot water on my boobs! So at about 2:30 we headed over to my parents’ house and I showered and then nursed our boy. Once again, a champ.
Then my little brother (who is 20) got home and we talked about nursing. He was really interested, and he watched me nurse Khai again, even asking about how it worked.
When my mom got home we decided that after dinner we would drive over to her mom’s and have her meet Khai. She’s 90 this year, and she’s been ‘waiting to die’ until after Khai was born (she’s in relatively good health, she’s just old and lonely).
SO we went and visited as a surprise, and she was so thrilled and amazed at how small and handsome he was. We got a picture of all of us, which was nice – 4 generations.
I also nursed Khai while we were there, which she totally thought was cool, AND it was the first time I had nursed without the Boppy, so it was a big deal to me.

We went home and he slept really well, and nursed pretty well (again, he tends to get a little sloppy at night), although he really likes my left breast (the burn victim) over my right. A bit frustrating, but we’re working on it.

I slept really well, but apparently Dean couldn’t sleep so he took Khai into the livingroom and watched Cloverfield with him. At the 5am feeding he was giving me his review.

June 26
Khai’s cord fell off today. What a cute little belly button he has! It was starting to get a bit stinky (Dean was freaking out because he has a VERY sensitive nose) so it’s probably for the best. He just nursed like a champ, and now he’s sleeping with daddy.



  1. Kate Said:

    Seeing as CLOVERFIELD was Khai’s first movie, he’s clearly destined to become a sci fi nerd.

  2. Dan Said:

    Can’t wait to meet him!

  3. Sharon Said:

    Congradulations! I had a feeling the last time I wrote that it would be soon…I was right! 2 days later! I am soooo happy for you and Dean. Plesase send pics when you can. It sounds like you are a natural born mom already.

    I start back to school the end of August. I am anxious a little but not as excited as I was the last time I began.

    Call or write when you can and Goddess bless you and your little family there!


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