1st Midwife Appointment

Today was our first midwife appointment with our new midwife. I was feeling dread about it at first – probably because I’m just more anxious in general while pregnant – but once we got there it was such a nice time.

We had yummy tea which hit the spot, and Khai had a little buddy to play with while the adults talked about the new babe. It was so nice to meet our midwife’s student, as well, she was so nice, and had just the right words for the feelings I was having. I needed that experience of loving and compassionate care.

So we did all the normal stuff. I don’t know how much I weigh now (anyone have a scale?) but I do know that my fundus is right where it should be, the baby is strong and healthy with a clear heartbeat via fetoscope.

I even had a finger poke to check my hemoglobin, which was really great at around 14! AND I didn’t pass out! Yay! I had forgotten how squirmy the thought of anything breaking my skin makes me.

It was so nice that Dean and I both got to hear the baby. It is making it more real for me, at least. Up until now this pregnancy has been in my mind, but first and foremost has been the child out here where he can fall down stairs, bonk his head and be hungry. Sometimes I forget that I really am pregnant, carrying a tiny little person.

These appointments are a nice reminder of that.


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