A rainy day

Today was a hard day, sort of.

Khai woke up around 7:30 and was very warm to the touch. I had noticed it through the night, but sometimes he just gets really warm when he sleeps. After running out for a thermometer and some Motrin, I took his temp (which he hated) and it was 101.9. Yikes. I was really shocked to see it that high. So I gave him the motrin and immediately he got cooler.

I should also mention that he was a happy little clam through all of this. He was always in good spirits, which made me wonder if he was actually sick or just fighting off something (or teething!).

We were supposed to have a date with Brooke today, but I think we were both worried about she and her son getting sick. In the long run we all hung around the house (Khai’s temperature went down to 98.9) and played, and even had scrumptious birthday cake. We did the best we could to keep the kids from licking each other and enjoyed a wonderful Vitamin C rich salad with Beet greens. I was surprised at how yummy it was.

After Brooke left I tried getting Khai to sleep, but he wasn’t really into it unless I was under him. That worked for a while, but the dishes upstairs with making me neurotic, so eventually I did slip out from under him and come up to clean.

So now I’m here, on the computer, of magnet of technology. But I feel like writing. I feel really drained. I’m surprised by how often I feel this way now. I didn’t expect it to be a cake walk to take care of a young child and be pregnant, but I had forgotten how much energy it really takes to grow a child.

Some days I feel like I could sleep all day, just getting up to eat. Others I want to run around all day and get everything accomplished.

The rain today has made it so much easier to get drained, I think. And it makes me not want to cook at all. I suspect we will order pizza shortly and enjoy a hedonistic meal delivered to our door. Yum.


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